Power Years™ Courses

Email courses to do at your own pace.

The Power Years™ Self-Study with Sara Smeaton

Photo by Marina Dempster

Power Years™ Self-Study

Guided self-reflection in six chapters created to help you deepen your self-knowledge and connect with your power. This is the same content we work with in the Power Years™ Women’s Circle but available all year round for those that prefer to work at their own pace or can’t join the live experience for any reason. 

Time investment: Six weeks

Availability: Start anytime!

The Power Years™ Passport with Sara Smeaton

Photo by Marina Dempster

Power Years™ Passport

The Power Years™ Passport program is a guided ten-day mini inner-journey to help you connect to your power. These delightful daily emails are bite-sized enough to enjoy with your morning coffee and impactful enough to evoke transformation along the way.

Time investment: Ten days

Availability:  A new round of the Power Years™ Passport starts soon. 

What people are saying about my Power Years™ Courses

"I received the Power Years™ Passport as a gift and it was a wonderful adventure and awakening experience for me, which I continue to revisit and reflect upon. Sara's offering to the community is invaluable and important, especially during this time of Covid, when we need hope, strengthening, and inspiration."

– Power Years™ Passport adventurer

"The Power Years Passport™ is a beautiful program. I couldn't wait to open it and journal with Sara every morning. She created a safe space for some much-needed reflection. Our second half of life is all about creating meaning. Sara has your passport ready. Welcome to your Power Years™" 

– Jim Millard

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