Create Your To-Be List

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Create Your To-Be List with Sara Smeaton

Are you ready to spend your time and energy on things you really care about? The secret is to begin with “being” qualities that speak to your values and to your heart, not the list of things you’ve been told you should be.

This Zoom workshop will help you get curious about who you are becoming in a gentle, light, and easy way producing surprisingly profound results.

You may come into the workshop with a to-do list a mile long but you’ll leave with a way to evaluate that list and see what truly belongs and what doesn’t and more importantly “how” you will approach those things that you want or have to do.

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What people are saying about the Create Your To-Be List workshop

"With Sara’s gentle and informative guidance I was able to create a ‘To-Be List’ that truly reflects who I want to be in midlife. I was stunned when I looked at my 10 ‘To-Be’ words, I felt such clarity and a deep connection. Since the workshop, I have been approaching life through a different lens. My spark is back!"  

– Workshop participant

"Having the opportunity to be part of Sara’s To-Be List workshop was exactly what I needed. Not only did I leave with focus but a clear direction in how I want to navigate this year."  

- Workshop participant

"After completing Sara's To-Be List workshop, I have a list of words that give me comfort and clarity. I have a path forwards.”

– Workshop participant

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