Midlife Manifesto

Curiosity is the key that unlocks midlife magic.

  • 1 I am not done. Not nearly. I have as much possibility in front of me as I have experience behind me. That's what gives me so much power.
  • 2 I am never starting from scratch no matter who I want to be or what I want to do next.
  • 3 I accept responsibility for myself. This midlife tipping point asks me to look at my habits, beliefs, and behaviours.
  • 4 I am a leader and I do the world a disservice if I disappear or accept invisibility. On the contrary, at this stage, I am called to make my most honest and authentic contribution.
  • 5 I know that real connection, in which we can all be ourselves and express our viewpoints and still belong, is the way forward.
  • 6 I share my story because I know it matters. My story creates connection and ignites empathy. It creates the blueprint for what’s possible and makes room for younger generations to step into their power more easily.
  • 7 I recognize that all emotions are valid and important and have the self-compassion to be with whatever comes up.
  • 8 I give myself permission to dream and challenge myself to see past what I’ve always believed to be true.
  • 9 I understand that there is a huge variety of experiences at this age and make room for perspectives that differ from my own.
  • 10 I fight ageism when I see it including my own internalized limiting beliefs about getting older.
  • 11 I’m aware that what’s important to me can change over time and allow myself to change with it.
  • 12 I believe fulfillment, self-acceptance, and self-expression are fundamental to healthy aging.
  • 13 I give myself permission to stay in the sacred mystery of not knowing what is next.
  • 14 I am open to learning new things. Curiosity is the key that unlocks midlife magic.
  • 15 I am ready. These are my Power Years™.

Welcome to your Power Years™!

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