Power Years™ "I Am" Card Deck

At the end of 2018, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2019. But by the time the end of the year came around, I had barely glanced at the list. The truth is it was full of things I thought I “should” do instead of my authentic goals and desires. Whenever I’m given an exercise that focuses on what I want to do, my “Should Monsters” kick in hard. So, in December of 2019, I decided to do something different; I focused on who I wanted to be in 2020 instead of what I wanted to do.

So much of your power lies in thinking about who you are being and letting what you do follow from there.

This small shift in thinking can have a huge, life-changing impact.

It gets you away from automatically checking boxes to consciously choosing to put your actions where your heart is. It may feel a little, or a lot, radical at first but it can open up a world of possibilities and new perspectives.

These cards can be used as inspiration, reminders, meditation mantras, journal prompts, and to create a “to-be” list.

Pull the cards randomly or select one or more that capture how you want to be. Place the card where you can see it or take a picture with your phone.


Reminding yourself who you want to be can help you with:

  • Making decisions
  • Having important or difficult conversations
  • Kicking off a new project
  • Navigating a regular day
  • Setting intentions
  • Helping you dream of new possibilities

The concept for these cards originated as part of a bigger collaboration with Marina Dempster still to be developed.

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What people are saying about Sara

“Before I started working with Sara I was very stuck and somewhat hopeless about my future. Through the coaching process, I’ve gained self-awareness, control over my decisions, further and deeper understanding as to what is happening within me and my thought process. I worked on perspectives that I hold about myself that keep me spinning in circles and feeling stuck. As a result of the coaching, I was able to acknowledge that I can actually make some changes and I will be able to handle what could happen even if the results are not ideal. I am able to open up to new ideas and be brave enough to look at myself differently and not feel bad for doing so! I’ve learned that things will come when you least expect them if you do the work. Sara is a gentle and in-tune coach and I always felt safe to explore any topic. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sara and found the experience challenging and thought-provoking.” 

– Lorna

“If you open yourself to the coaching process with Sara, you will not be disappointed, because she takes you on a journey, that is yours alone, holds you accountable, and celebrates all the wins with you along the way. The results can be life-changing. I am amazed at how much I learned about myself from someone I did not know prior to our coaching relationship.”  

– Florence

“What makes Sara unique is her ability to ask questions that make you think about an obstacle from a different angle. In my experience with Sara, it is her guidance in finding that new perspective that opens the door to the solution – she doesn’t offer the solution but she provides the path to finding it.” 

– Anne Carty

You have as much possibility in front of you as you have experience behind you.
That's what gives you so much power.

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