Power Years™ Immersive

A six-month coaching program to help you embrace the magic of your middle years.

If you’re committed to getting out of the midlife muck and showing up for the second part of your life, more embodied, expressive, and YOU — I can help.

Maybe some people believe that midlife is the beginning of the end.

You are not those people.

Even if you’ve told yourself: You’re too old. You’re running out of time. The best is over. Dreams are for other people – yours need to be put away in the mental folder marked ‘not for you.’

There is a part of you that knows this isn’t true, and you’re ready to show up for these middle years with energy and excitement.

Because the rewards are worth it.

  • Imagine showing up fully for your calling instead of teetering on the edge of it.
  • Imagine making more conscious choices and becoming ‘the artist of your days.’ (to quote John O’Donohue)
  • Imagine paying exquisite attention to parts of you that have been on the back burner for far too long.
  • Imagine having a clear path to get where you want to go and/or delighting in the beauty and the mystery of the unfolding.
  • Imagine feeling more resilient, committed, confident, curious, and optimistic about the future.
  • You get to SHOW UP for your life, not retreat, not shy away but really and genuinely BEING HERE for it all.

And whatever comes — you’ll meet it from a place of your own unique power.

You’ll turn discomfort into excitement and possibilities into reality.

I’ll help you discover the joy and power in midlife and navigate the transitions on your own terms.

I’ll help you to connect with the truth of who you are and that truth becomes your guiding compass.

I’ll help you show up for yourself and the people you care about in new ways.

I’ll help you develop self-trust so that you can navigate challenges with more ease.

I’ll help you fully embrace the possibilities for your life on this planet – so that you’re not seeing midlife as a time of retreat, but a new wave of discovery and fulfillment.

And I’ll help you embrace your creativity and express the genius that is you – so that the rest of us can benefit from your unique gifts.

Here’s what I believe with every fibre of my being:

Fulfillment, self-acceptance, and self-expression are fundamental to healthy aging – and if you’re ready to grab hold of this time of transition, I’m here to help you.

Inquire about this program.

“Sara climbs emotional mountains with you, she dives deep into discussions, she helps you see the big picture when you get bogged down in the details. She holds you accountable to yourself all in a creative, non-judgmental, and fun way! With her wonderful mix of practical tips and inspiration to dream big, Sara has actively helped me turn many of my dreams into reality.”

– Julia Seager Scott

How does the program work?

This program is suited for people who have the time, commitment, energy to dive deeply into their personal and professional growth.

We take the same five tools at the Power Years Intensive [link], delivered at a slower pace and with more spaciousness for reflection and digestion.

The first call is 90-minutes and is devoted to designing our work together, our areas of focus, our partnership, and your vision for what we’re creating. We will figure out together what the Power Years™ means for you. We’ll uncover what’s important to you, how satisfied you are, and what dreams you have for your future.

What’s important to me now?

In the second call, we’ll uncover, rank, and rate your values so that you can see where you might want to focus your time and energy differently, now and in the future. Values are the starting point of my Power Years work; honouring your core values is essential for a fulfilled life.


  • Increased awareness of what is important to you
  • Increased sense of self
  • More fulfillment
  • More integrity
  • Increased self-knowledge
  • Contribution and success that is values-aligned
  • A lifelong guidance system

The third call is a coaching call where we can explore more deeply what it is for you to practice your values. The agenda for this session is simply to deepen and richen your understanding of how living from your values can become second-nature. We will apply your values to an area of your life or a particular situation you would like to improve or make more fulfilling.

What’s holding me back?

The fourth call we’ll explore what might be getting in the way of you living in a way that feels joyful, vital, creative, and expansive. We'll learn about your key "saboteurs" or how you might be stopping yourself from fully engaging in what’s most important to you. Saboteurs or inner critics are the not very supportive voices we all have in our heads that sap our power. We all have them, though they can show up differently for everyone. They are responsible for thoughts and behaviour like judging ourselves and others, the imposter syndrome, perfectionism, controlling, procrastinating, and people-pleasing. Your saboteur thoughts are often behind old stories that have no place in the second half of life. They can wreak havoc in your relationships, creative and professional endeavours, and in your attempts to make affirming choices.


  • Increased self-awareness
  • A new ability to recognize saboteur thoughts, language, and feelings and what triggers them and choose differently
  • Improved relationship with self and others
  • Taking 100% responsibility for thoughts and choices

The fifth call is another coaching call where we more deeply explore what you’ve learned about your saboteurs, and how you can work with them to go from being controlled by them to mining them for any information that might be valuable and channeling into positive, intentional choices. We will choose one or two situations where your saboteurs are currently showing up and work with those scenarios so that you can see the implication of stripping the saboteurs of their power and becoming the chooser in your own life.

What do I want to create?

The six call explores what you want to create in your life. We'll tap into the part of you that has complete self-acceptance and self-authority. This part of you provides a counterpoint to the saboteur voices. Sometimes people speak about this as their "highest self" or "best self," other terms you may have heard are "leader within" or "inner leader." Whatever the name, this is the wisest, most loving part of you, and this session will help us access it. By the end of it you will understand more about who you want to be and what you want to do without the muddy judgement of the saboteurs.


  • Unlocked internal GPS (think of it as having an internal WAZE app) resulting in clearer choices and fulfillment
  • Increased confidence
  • Less self-doubt
  • More authentic self-expression
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Increased self-compassion and self-worth
  • Increased energy
  • A method of mitigating inner criticism or saboteurs

The seventh call is a coaching call where we will again more deeply get to know this powerful part of yourself and find ways in which you can tap into it with confidence and ease. We will connect your new knowledge of your inner leader to a specific area or situation in your life you want to explore.

What is my purpose?

The eighth call,  we'll discover your unique fingerprint and impact on the world. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Together we'll draft a statement that starts to put into words who you are in the world or who you are becoming and what impact you have.


  • An increased sense of purpose
  • Increased clarity
  • Improved self-knowledge
  • An understanding of how others see you
  • Increased understanding about what gets you out of bed in the morning
  • A compass you can use for decision making for the rest of your life

The ninth call is a coaching call that again serves to deepen your understanding of your purpose and how you might use it to quite practically to help you gain clarity in specific areas of your life.

Who am I becoming?

In the tenth and last call that focuses on a specific tool, we’ll meet "future-you." This powerful session gives you access to wisdom and possibilities that you have not been able to see until now. This opportunity to meet your future self is one that my clients have described as "transformational" and “game-changing."


  • Increased optimism
  • More resilience
  • A clearer vision of what's possible
  • Increased awareness about who you are becoming
  • A more profound sense of purpose

The eleventh call will be a coaching call that dives deeper into what we learned from our conversation with future you, and helps you make a plan for how you want to navigate the gaps between who you are currently and who you are becoming.

What’s next?

The twelfth call completes the arc of the Power Years Immersive program. We will celebrate what you’ve learned, identify where you want to grow next, and find ways to make sure you can keep what you’ve learned alive and in the forefront.

“Sara is far more than an experienced and effective coach. She is a highly intuitive and sensitive leader who made me feel at ease and able to access my own wisdom in adaptable ways I could not have imagined possible before. Working with Sara is a beautiful process of healing, dreaming, and manifesting one’s deep truth.”

– Marina Dempster

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I love working with mature, creative, open-minded people of all genders. My clients are typically in their 40s or 50s, but I do believe that midlife is a state of mind rather than an age. If my work resonates with you, then please don’t let the number on your birth certificate stop you from reaching out.

How do I know if I'm a good fit for the program?
  • You consider yourself to be in midlife. (I see this as a state of mind more than age but typically work with people in their 40s and 50s.)You want to show up for the second half of your life with energy and excitement.
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your choices, your thoughts, your habits, and your actions.
  • You’re ready to make yourself a priority and make time for yourself.
  • You know *time* is your most precious resource, and you want to make sure you’re choosing how you spend it.
  • You want to choose which version of yourself gets to make the choices as you move into this next part of your life.
  • You trust that you are the expert on your own life, and you are no longer looking for other people to give you answers, rather you are looking for a partner to hold up a mirror, be curious, and help you find the right questions. 
  • You are emotionally and financially ready to invest in this process.
  • You’re open-minded, ready for change, and excited about what’s possible.
    Clearly, this program isn’t for everyone, but if you think it sounds like a fit for you, let’s chat!

We are not a fit if you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, aren’t ready to do some hard work, or if you are in crisis or survival mode. Coaching is not about solving problems, rather it is about deepening your self-knowledge and moving forward. You can expect to focus on the present and the future not the past. 

If you aren’t ready yet, that’s okay. Timing is everything. In the meantime, you might want to explore these 10 clarifying questions to ask in midlife and follow me on social media to be part of a community of midlife folks who are interested in making the most of this time.

What can I expect at the end of six months?

I can’t tell you where you’ll be after six months, but I can tell you that you’ll get where you want to go much faster, with more clarity, and with more confidence than if you were doing this alone.

My clients – who have committed to themselves and the process –  typically experience a transformation that seemed out of reach before we started working together:

  • Some have found they attract higher paying and better quality work
  • Some find improved communication with loved ones and colleagues
  • Others have found renewed energy for old hobbies and passion for new interests
  • Some have found a new commitment to their creative work and life
  • Others have pushed forward to new frontiers in their businesses and careers
  • They feel more grateful in general, and more like themselves than they have in a long time.
  • One thing they tend to leave behind is the thought that they can’t imagine living this way for another 40-50 years. On the contrary, they are excited about both their present and their future and they feel equipped to face whatever comes their way.

If you’d like to hear from some clients who have experienced this program and others, you can take a look at their feedback.

Why do I need to commit to six months?

For starters, you don’t. If you’re not interested in committing to six months, you might be more interested in the Power Years™ Intensive. But, if you know you want a slower, more spacious, more supported approach, this program is for you. Each session builds on the other so this is not a program that can be picked apart. It is being sold as a complete experience and I ask that people commit to the whole process. Because of limited space in my schedule, I take on very few Immersive clients a year so I really only want to work with people who are all in. 

Do you guarantee results?

As a coach versus a consultant, I do not guarantee results. What I do ensure is that I will bring 100% to my half of this partnership. That I will show up on time and ready to coach you. That I will bring all my training, experience, intuition, insight, gifts, and tools to every call.

As the coachee, you are responsible for bringing 100% to your half of this partnership. It’s up to you to speak up about any concerns you have, although I will check in with you often. And it is essential you only commit to what fully resonates with you, and to do the work between sessions. You are also responsible for showing up at the scheduled time on time and ready to be coached. My experience has been that if a client is 100% committed to their own growth the results surpass what they could have predicted at the beginning.

What if I want to keep working with you after six months?

Alumni of the Power Years™ Immersive can continue working with me on a more flexible basis. In our completion session we will decide together what feels like the right amount of support, if any, for you going forward.

How is coaching different than therapy, counseling, or consulting?

In coaching, we focus on the present and look towards the future (we do not spend much time trying to understand or heal the past). This is one of the things that distinguishes coaching from therapy or counselling. It’s also different from consulting, which is about hiring an expert who has all the answers.

We begin our work together based on the premise that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. You are not broken or damaged, and it is not my job to fix you or solve your problems. Instead, as your coach, I am your partner in creating your vision and helping you make it real. My goals are to help you grow as a person and find any solutions you’re looking for within.

Our partnership works when we both bring 100% to the relationship. And it is a relationship that exists both within and outside of our sessions. Each client relationship is different depending on individual needs, but it is not uncommon for me to provide accountability outside of our sessions, look at and give feedback on whatever they are working on, and make myself available for email and text support between sessions.

With the Immersive program, I see myself as being on a retainer to you during our six months together and that is one of the things that makes the coaching relationship very different, it’s not contained to the hour we spend on Zoom together.

I'm excited! How do we get started?

Let’s talk! I invite you to submit the inquiry form below, or book a free 30-minute connection call to see if we’re a good fit.

We’ll have a chat to see if we have a connection and if it seems like we’re a fit to work together. You can also ask me any questions you might still have about me or my program.

If we think we’re a fit, we’ll get the ball rolling!

If you’re in the middle of life, you’ve still got another 40-50 years on this planet, if you’re lucky. So what are you going to do with these remaining years?

What do you want your impact to be?

What do you want to do with the second half of your one and precious life?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to create?

Imagine the impact you could have if you fully embodied everything you are called here to be. What ripple effect would that have?

What is the investment?

The total investment to you for the six-month program is $5,000 CDN +HST (where applicable).

Ready to talk?

I invite you to submit the form below, or book a free 30-minute connection call. I look forward to learning more about you and how I might support you.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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