Building a Bridge to your Power Years™

The invitation of your Power Years™ is to get clear about the life you’re crafting, who you want to be, and what you want to do in the second half. This workbook will help to connect with yourself, reflect, dream, and be open about where you are, where you're going, and how you'd like to get there.


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What people are saying about Sara

"Ready to take a deep dive into all things midlife? Invite Sara Smeaton to be your guide! Sara has a gift for translating abstract ideas into real-world strategies — strategies that feel both exciting and attainable. Her warmth, humour, and honesty lend themselves to thought-provoking conversations. Once you've talked to Sara, you’ll never think of midlife in quite the same way again."

– Ann Douglas, author and radio columnist

“After years of putting everyone else ahead of myself (because I believed that is what a good mom and wife does), this program had me face some confronting questions. I am filled with deep, deep gratitude for Sara's guidance as I take all the heavy, heavy coats of SHOULDS off my shoulders and relax in the joy that being me is more important. I have renewed strength, now overflowing to help my whole family deal with the pandemic and the uncertainty. I am no longer feeling like a victim in this moment, but the sage wife and mother able to give more to myself and my family.”

– Stephanie K.

“Sara is far more than an experienced and effective coach. She is a highly intuitive and sensitive leader who made me feel at ease and able to access my own wisdom in adaptable ways I could not have imagined possible before. Working with Sara is a beautiful process of healing, dreaming, and manifesting one’s deep truth.”

– Marina Dempster

You have as much possibility in front of you as you have experience behind you.

That's what gives you so much power.

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