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Power Years™ Conversations

These interactive, facilitated one-hour discussions are an opportunity to meet other midlife women and talk about things you may not get to discuss in your daily life. They are an invitation to be intentional, curious, and creative in midlife.

Creating your summer "play" list

Thursday, June 16, noon ET

What will make this summer more joyful, playful, and pleasurable? These are three things that are often missing in midlife. This conversation will help you imagine your summer with intention and curiosity.

Accepting the invitations of midlife

Thursday, July 14, noon ET

What invitations, inspiration, and ideas are you missing? This conversation will explore the opportunities that present themselves when we pay attention to the magic and mystery that’s all around us.

Fear and having it all figured out

Thursday, August 11, noon ET

What if having it all figured out isn’t actually the goal? This conversation will challenge old expectations about what it means to be "successful" in midlife and create space for a new way of being with the uncertainty about what's true now, and what's next.

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Power Years™ Conversations

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