Tame Your Should Monsters™

Zoom Workshop

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Are you noticing your list of "shoulds" getting longer and louder?

Are your "shoulds" distracting you from what you really want to do? Keeping you stuck on autopilot or worse, spiraling into guilt and shame because you can't keep up?

Do you wish you could strip your Should Monsters™ of their power?

This Zoom workshop will help you identify and interrogate the shoulds and shouldn'ts that get incredibly loud in midlife (and even louder during a pandemic).

Like the monsters that used to hide under your bed when you were little, Should Monsters™ lose their power when we turn on the lights. We'll do that together in this high impact hour.

You may come into the workshop with a laundry list of shoulds and shouldn'ts, but you will leave with a new understanding of where your shoulds are coming from, and an effective and practical way to turn them into intentional actions.

What is the investment?

$39 CDN plus HST (where applicable)

Upcoming dates

  • To be announced

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Meet Sara

Sara is passionate about supporting women to ignite midlife. She is a certified professional coach and facilitator who runs group programs, workshops, and delivers one-on-one coaching.

What people are saying

"I attended Sara Smeaton's Tame Your Should Monsters™ workshop in November. It was a live workshop with an intimate feel. Sara's warm, welcoming, and nurturing personality immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew that I was safe to share in that space.

Sara presented the workshop information in a relatable and effective way, and by the end of the workshop, I left with an altered point of view of something I had been feeling like I "should do" for months. I am happy to say that as a result of this simple mindset shift, I made an incredibly positive change to a weekly household task that has freed my mind from guilt, given me a new creative outlet, and benefitted my entire family. Sara was able to speak to a struggle that so many women in this stage of life encounter, and provided us with empowering tools that we could use to adjust accordingly."  

– Jennifer

"I took Sara's Tame Your Should Monsters™ workshop because I was looking for a new way to look at and handle my shoulds. The workshop gave me a way of reframing my choice of language, identifying the power I've been giving to shoulds, and retraining my inner dialogue. Sara was fantastic at making me feel comfortable while giving me new ways to look at my defaults and move past old ways of thinking." 

– Paula

"I invited Sara to run her Should Monsters™ workshop for my Fall Reset group because I wanted to give the participants a new way to think about their long lists of “shoulds." Sara gave us a fresh take on the pressures that we put on ourselves and new ways to reframe any “should". Becoming aware of the weight of this word and learning to get curious about it is a wonderful way of feeling lighter and living according to our values instead of what's important to others." 

– Annie Gaudreault | Nutritionist • Speaker • Coach • Trainer

"I was hoping to better understand what the "Should Monsters™" are, how they affect me, and how I can control them. As a current client of Sara's one-on-one program, this "bonus" session, in conjunction with my regular coaching sessions, really helped solidify these concepts. If you're thinking of taking this workshop, I say, do it!! As often as possible! It was also really nice to connect with other people in the community of "Sara." I felt immediately comfortable with the people, and like we all had something quite personal in common. I am so grateful to Sara for offering this opportunity, and so thankful I took advantage of it!"  

– Jen

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