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Welcome to your Power Years™!

Though you may find yourself dreading growing older, as a certified Midlife Coach, I firmly believe the years after forty offer many opportunities.

Now you can step into your authenticity, individuality, and power in a way that might not have been possible when you were younger. You can stand on the foundation you’ve built and choose how to go forward.

My clients feel more alive, more vital, more creative, and more themselves than ever before.

Are you ready to feel that way too?

Here's how we can work together:


Private coaching is an excellent choice for you if you want the depth, focused attention, and time dedicated 100% to you and your growth. 

New clients begin with a twelve-week Power Years one-on-one program focusing on developing and deepening clarity, awareness, self-compassion, impact, and vision.

We do this through six 90-minute sessions, exploring five distinct concepts that combine to become your Power Years toolkit, roadmap, and compass. 

Our final session is a review, celebration, and creating a "what's next" plan for you. 

This program gives you a transformative foundation to help you embody a richer sense of purpose and possibility. 

Once you have completed this foundational program, we can move into a more bespoke coaching relationship based on your individual needs. Or, potentially, you may want to explore my group program, to draw from the power and wisdom of other midlife women. Both are excellent options that we can discuss in your last session. 

Time investment: Twelve weeks

Availability: Currently accepting applications.

Ignite Midlife

Curriculum * Community * Coaching

A twelve-week coaching program for midlife women who want to explore and create their next chapter with possibility, intention, and power. Together, we will answer the question, "What's Next?".

Time investment: Twelve weeks

Availability:If you’d like to be the first to know when this program is being offered again please join the wait list.


These interactive Zoom workshops are designed to inspire you to more consciously choose who you are becoming in midlife and beyond. 

If you are a group or organization looking to book a workshop for your staff or members please contact me to discuss.

What people are saying about working with Sara

“Sara is a great coach, non-judgmental, and very present. After doing her 6-month coaching program, I am back in control of my life and no longer complacent or in a rut. I am clear, confident, more self-aware, and there are no more obstacles in my way! So many of the ideas that were in my head are moving forward. The coaching was fun and challenging at times. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone but Sara.” 

– Traci

“A powerful tool that I gained from my session with Sara – one that’s really stuck with me – is the ability to choose who I want to be, whether it’s in my work or just in my day to day interactions. A moment of envisioning how I want to feel inside, and how I want to ideally come across, can make all the difference in my outward energy and confidence. Right after my session with Sara I had a job interview via Skype. Taking the time in advance to visualize myself at my best fueled the entire interview with a sense of ease and support. Somehow, letting myself live up to my potential actually took the pressure off, and I was able to let my true energy flow. There’s a freedom in being able to live at your highest level! Midlife can be such a time of questioning – big questioning! – and Sara’s open ears and thoughtful, perfectly-timed insights bring clarity and that boost of confidence just where you need it. Unlike most coaches, Sara specializes in the midlife “power years” – her dedication to this particular time of life makes you feel in good hands AND in good company (I’ve enjoyed reading the articles in her “Power Profiles” series – it’s comforting to know others are facing the same kinds of joys and challenges that come with this life-stage).” 

– Amy

“Sara is a very caring and compassionate coach. She shows great patience when working with clients and listens carefully to ensure she fully understands the clients concerns/problems. She is very creative in her coaching methods and helps the client come to their own revelations or Aha moments. She never forces her own opinion or experiences on others. She is masterful at guiding the conversation away from negative to a place of growth and optimism.” 

– Russ

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