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Create Your To-Be List

This Zoom workshop will help you think about who you want to “be” through easy, light, and insightful exercises. You’ll leave a list to remind you of the person you’re becoming.

Leading with who you want to “be” will inform what you do and help make those actions connect with what’s most important to you. Often when we begin with doing, our “Should Monsters” take over and we act out of obligation or out of what we think others want or need us to do.

This workshop will give you a new way of approaching projects, conversations, daily life, and any other meaningful things you want to achieve.

Time investment: One hour

Availability: Friday, May 12, from Noon  to 1:15 PM ET
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Photo by Marina Dempster

How to Tame your Should Monsters™

This Zoom workshop will help you identify and interrogate the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" that get incredibly loud in midlife (and even louder during a pandemic).

When we live our lives from our "shoulds," we're not in a powerful place. On the contrary, we're far more likely to be waffling between shame, guilt, and autopilot when our shoulds are steering the ship. That’s the impact of the Should Monsters™. You will leave this workshop with my favourite way to evaluate your shoulds and turn them into intentional actions.

Time investment: One hour

Availability: To be announced

What people are saying about my Power Years™ Workshops

“Sara came to speak to the CoveyClub about the tyranny of your To Do list. Through an excellent interactive workshop she helped us sort through the busy distractions to get us to the few things that actually matter and will move our lives forward. Each of us came away with a  list of words we would like To Be instead. It really works. Many of the women posted those words in creative places so they can live by them."

– Lesley Jane Seymour, CoveyClub

“Sara led a To Be List workshop as part of the closing ceremonies for our recent Curiosity Winter Camp program. Almost 50 Campers showed (it was the most well attended event at Winter Camp) and it was such a special experience. The perfect blend of individual reflection, small group discussion and an incredibly powerful wrap up exercise that  I get goosebumps just thinking about. Not surprisingly, Sara’s To Be List session was the top rated experience at Curiosity Winter Camp. I highly (highly) recommend it for groups of any size.”

– Karen Ward, Curiosity Camp

"I was hoping to better understand what the "Should Monsters" are, how they affect me, and how I can control them. As a current client of Sara's Power Years Intensive program, this "bonus" session, in conjunction with my regular coaching sessions, really helped solidify these concepts. If you're thinking of taking this workshop, I say, do it!! As often as possible! It was also really nice to connect with other people in the community of "Sara." I felt immediately comfortable with the people, and like we all had something quite personal in common. I am so grateful to Sara for offering this opportunity, and so thankful I took advantage of it!"

– Jen

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