Midlife creativity: Finding inspiration in everyday choices

Midlife can be a period of profound self-discovery if you let it be. It’s also a time that has the potential to be creatively robust even if you’ve never thought of yourself as creative. I think for many, this call to creativity stems from a desire to make meaning and connections.  For some people, midlife…
Woman sitting in a chair, reading Michelle Obama's "Becoming"

Midlife is getting better PR: inspiring quotes from women who are over 40

I've been noticing a trend. Not only have many women stopped trying to hide their age, but they are also speaking up about midlife being powerful and fulfilling.
Denise Boomkens

“I’m fuelled by a drive to change the current view of society on aging.”

After spending her younger years traveling through Europe, modeling and photographing, Denise Boomkens had her first and only baby at 40 years old. She also started her photography project aimed at changing the way society views aging.

Ditch the to-do list and make a “to-be” list

This simple tool will help you focus on who you want to become as opposed to everything you have to get done and checked off a list. Try it for a week to see what it opens up for you.
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