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Media Kit

Sara Smeaton

Sara Smeaton

Midlife Coach

Short Bio

Sara Smeaton helps people thrive in midlife. She is a certified coach, writer, workshop leader, and creator of the interview series Power Profiles: Redefining midlife. Passionate about what’s possible for people in the second half of life, Sara is determined to challenge the narrative that in midlife, and beyond, we are too old to have new adventures, romance, vitality and health, and to make meaningful contributions. Sara believes that, assuming a long and healthy life, midlife is the only time we’ll have experience and possibility in equal measure. She specializes in helping people of all genders make the most of their Power Years™.

Sara lives in Toronto and works with clients around the world. She is the founder of

Interviews and Collaborations

I’m available for interviews, collaborations, workshops, and speaking engagements. Please direct your publicity inquiries to


  • Why living through this global health crisis may have jumpstarted your midlife awakening
  • 9 habits to take you from midlife muck to your Power Years
  • 10 clarifying questions to ask in midlife

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Sara Smeaton portraits taken by Amber Ellis. Click on the image to download in high resolution.


“Sara is an extraordinary listener and thinker, and is deeply insightful. Her coaching is both big picture and practical. It is always applicable. Sara was an indispensable coach for me in one the most challenging periods of rapid growth in my journey as an artistic and institutional leader, as I was called on to step in and successfully lead a large arts institution through a major unprecedented crisis. She was a true partner in this challenging but defining time. My work with Sara continues to be highly relevant in my latest artistic leadership adventures with Necessary Angel.”

– Alan Dilworth, Artistic Director, Necessary Angel Theatre Company

"Ready to take a deep dive into all things midlife? Invite Sara Smeaton to be your guide! Sara has a gift for translating abstract ideas into real-world strategies — strategies that feel both exciting and attainable. Her warmth, humour, and honesty lend themselves to thought-provoking conversations. Once you've talked to Sara, you’ll never think of midlife in quite the same way again."

– Ann Douglas, author and radio columnist

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