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 Curious about who you're becoming and what you want in midlife?

Explore these resources to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and identify your next steps.

DIY Workbook

The Creative Midlife Review

Are you feeling weighed down by your commitments, habits, and relationship dynamics? This DIY workbook is designed to help you declutter your midlife, freeing up time and space for the person you're becoming.

Get the workbook now for only CA$29.

CMR Cover Mock Up

Podcasts and Press

Sara is one of the go-to thought leaders on midlife. You can listen to her various podcast guest appearances and read the articles she's been featured in on our Podcasts and Press page.


Midlife Manifesto

The Midlife Manifesto is my stake in the ground for what I believe is true about midlife. If it resonates with you feel free to download, print, post it somewhere to keep you inspired and feeling powerful.

SS-16 Unearth the answers to your midlife questions

Unearth the answers to your midlife questions

What’s next? What do I want? What’s my purpose? The answers are closer than you might think.

The exercise in this PDF is something you can do daily, weekly, or whenever you can, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.