One-on-one Coaching

I offer two ways of working with people one-on-one. The first is a foundational program that gives you the tools you can use for the rest of your life and building blocks for a more prolonged coaching relationship if desired. The second is a way to continue with coaching in a way that suits your unique needs.


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Power Years™ Primer

These five 90-minute sessions give you five tools for more clarity, awareness, self-compassion, impact, and vision. We begin our coaching work together here, creating a foundation that will help you shift into a richer sense of purpose and possibility and explore what's next.

Time investment: Ten weeks

Availability: Currently accepting applications.

The Power Years™ Partnership with Sara Smeaton

Photo by Marina Dempster

Power Years™ Partnership

Once you've worked with me in the Intensive or the Women's Circle, we can continue our work together in a more bespoke way. We will partner in a way that meets your evolving needs. This approach is also an option for clients who have had Co-Active coaching in the past or are coaches themselves.

Time investment: Depends on your needs.

Availability:  Currently accepting new clients.

What people are saying about my One-on-One Coaching

“The Power Years™ Intensive sessions brought me profound self-discovery that I did not expect. Working with Sara has been nothing less than miraculous. I am forever changed. The sessions provided me with an embodied vision for how I will continue being in the world and one that I feel emboldened to step into. I am painting again after seven years of no desire. I feel inspired, energetic, creative, enlightened. My relationships feel deeper and more generous spiritually. If you are receptive to opening your mind and your heart to experiencing a deeper part of yourself and the gifts you have to give the world, you will not be disappointed. Sara is a safe, gifted, experienced guide. Working with her is magical, delightful, rewarding, and fulfilling."

–  Lisa Woods

“I entered into a Power Years™ Partnership with Sara when I was about to make some changes in my business. I hired her (instead of a business coach) because I knew this change would require an examination of values, identity, and life priorities, as well as a business model evolution. I was also clear, at midlife, that I wanted the next decade to look and feel different than the last one. 

Sara is an extraordinary coach. She is curious and kind and masterful at holding space for the mess and uncertainty that is an inevitable part of transformational change. She is creative and intuitive and deeply committed to you coming home to yourself, to becoming the best and most resilient and powerful version of yourself as you stride into your Power Years. 

There is so much magic and moxie and even mischief available to us in midlife. Sara is such an incredible partner and guide into the best of all of it. I can not recommend her highly enough."

– Karen Ward

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