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“What would I do when the kids left home?”

Power Profile with Jennifer Tse: It was an easy decision for Jennifer to leave her marketing job and stay home with her kids because she hadn't yet found a career she was passionate about when she became a mom. Yet she knew that this time at home with them wasn't forever and the question of what she was going to do loomed over her. After struggling with mental health issues and the frustration of not finding work she was passionate about, Jennifer fell into two opportunities that would lead to her finding purpose and passion: supporting youth mental health and art.
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Marci Warhaft

“Turning fifty gave me a sense of confidence and strength that I had yet to experience”

Marci Warhaft faced unbelievable trauma and tragedy in her first half of life that included losing the people she loved and counted on. As a consequence she developed an eating disorder that she struggled with for 20 years. Turning 50 gave Marci the strength to share her story and focus on both her own recovery and helping others. This is a story of immense courage and reckoning that has allowed Marci to follow her own authentic path to joy.
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An exercise in staying with the mystery

We’re in a situation with this pandemic that is dripping in mystery and we’re all in suspense. What will the world be like on the other side of this? Who will we be? It’s wildly different from anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime because most of the world is in this liminal space at the […]
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