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You have as much possibility in front of you as you have experience behind you. That's what gives you so much power.

Are you ready to embrace your Power Years™?

What people are saying about Sara

“Sara is an extraordinary coach. She is curious and kind and masterful at holding space for the mess and uncertainty that is an inevitable part of transformational change. She is creative and intuitive and deeply committed to you coming home to yourself, to becoming the best and most resilient and powerful version of yourself as you stride into your Power Years.” 

– Karen Ward

“Sara is awesome! Worth EVERY penny!! (And I am VERY frugal, so that is saying A LOT.)  I instantly felt like we'd been friends forever, and I could say anything, and she would never judge me. Sara saw clearly into the core of me in a way I don't think anyone else ever has.”  

– Jennifer Delaney

“Sara is far more than an experienced and effective coach. She is a highly intuitive and sensitive leader who made me feel at ease and able to access my own wisdom in adaptable ways I could not have imagined possible before. Working with Sara is a beautiful process of healing, dreaming, and manifesting one’s deep truth.” 

– Marina Dempster

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