Deb Knobelman

“I’m planting the seeds for what I want my life to look like after the age of 46.”

Deb Knobelman, a 46 year old who finds herself in the midst of her biggest career shift yet — one that required a big mindset reset for her to pursue — and in a place where her kids are requiring slightly less of her focused energy and attention. She talks about what it took to follow her love of writing even when she told herself it wasn't something a "math and science person" could do and more.

A twist on the gratitude list: focus on what is AND “what if”

There's a quote that I found and shared on Instagram recently that really resonated with me:“Never kill your what ifs, but first be grateful for what is.” - Drishti BablaniWhat I like about it is that it reminds me how important it is to hold both: our gratitude for everything we already have and our dreams for the future. Dreams without gratitude for the present is like trying to build a house without first building a solid foundation.
Jill Grindle

“I try to do the right things for my aging parents.”

Jill Grindle is a 56-year-old living in Massachusetts balancing life as an entrepreneur with taking care of her aging parents, and with her goal of lifelong professional and personal growth.
Mountain valley during sunrise. Natural summer landscape.

My monthly check-in for maintaining a balanced “lifescape”

Late last year, I realized that some parts of my life were thriving and others were looking a little bit flat. So in January, I decided that instead of waiting until the end of the year to take stock and come up with goals for the new year, I would do that at the end of every month.
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