Nancy Zimmerman

“I’m so much more at ease with myself”

Power Profile with Nancy Zimmerman: Nancy's passion is helping people reach their financial goals but she gave up pursuing it when she left Vancouver 10 years ago. Now financially healthy herself she's got wisdom to share and is following her calling.
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Susan Feldman aka Tax Ma’am

“I met my wife and my life exploded with joy and success.”

Power Profile with Susan Feldman: At 59, Susan feels her life is at the peak both career-wise and personally. She is happier than she has ever been in her life. A busy entrepreneur who has built a business on word of mouth, she has worked out a work-life balance that fulfills her and created the space and time to enjoy her life while growing her business.
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Yolanda McAdam

“It took me a really long time to learn to say NO and mean it.”

Power Profiles with Yolanda McAdam: After a breakdown, in her thirties, that ended up being a breakthrough, Yolanda slowed down and took stock of what was most important to her. Today she lives in line with her top values and freely exercises her right to use her favourite word...NO!
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Galit Solomon

“I’m in my element and doing what I love most.”

Power Profile with Galit Solomon: In her early forties, Galit took a huge leap and started her own business. She talks about this exciting new chapter and how motherhood helped her let go of perfectionism.
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Lorraine C. Ladish

“If not now, when?”

Power Profile with Lorraine C. Laddish: At 45 Lorraine lost everything and ended up a single mom on welfare with two young daughters. She reinvented herself to become a successful influencer and today is happy with her work, family, the love of her life, and health.
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Barbara Salsberg

“Don’t let your fears control you…”

Power Profile with Barbara Salsberg: In her fifties, Barbara made a conscious decision to try things that she had previously avoided her whole life out of fear. Today she is a strong, outgoing, fearless, and thriving 66-year-old who her former self probably wouldn't recognize.
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Portrait of Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma

“What if I just trusted my instincts?”

Power Profile with Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma: The shift in Puneeta's thinking took place around the time she turned 40. That’s when she decided, “What if I just trusted my instincts?”. Find out how that shift has led her to a new confidence in both her parenting and career choices.
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Portrait of Carin Moffat

“I’ve found the value of my voice and the importance in using it.”

Power Profile with Carin Moffat: In her forties, Carin found more confidence in sharing her voice and talents with the world. She's forged ahead and made career choices that help her empower other women and are fulfilling her love of film, creativity, and collaboration.
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Portrait of Stephanie Slate

“I’m enjoying the experience and allowing it to open doors to new adventures.”

Power Profile with Stephanie Slate: In her early forties, Stephanie's kids all were in school full-time, freeing up more time for Stephanie to explore what was next for her. Though it seemed like an impossible task logistically, she said yes to an opportunity and took a big leap.
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Photograph of Ombretta Debois flying a plane

“At age 58, I made my lifelong dream come true.”

Power Profile with Ombretta Debois: In her mid-forties, she turned her personal and professional lives upside down in search of fulfillment. And, in her fifties, she went after a lifelong dream and achieved it. Read more about Ombretta and be inspired by her words of advice for others interested in redesigning midlife.
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