Amy Gidden

“I wanted my work to align with the things I care about in the world.”

When Amy Giddon was in her early-50s she took a huge leap to become an entrepreneur. Moved by her deep concerns about the tribalism and us versus them-ism and othering that's going on in the world today, Amy created an app that fosters empathy and connection. It was an unexpected shift but one that was made possible because of the life stage in which she found herself in her early 50s.
Deb Knobelman

“I’m planting the seeds for what I want my life to look like after the age of 46.”

Deb Knobelman, a 46 year old who finds herself in the midst of her biggest career shift yet — one that required a big mindset reset for her to pursue — and in a place where her kids are requiring slightly less of her focused energy and attention. She talks about what it took to follow her love of writing even when she told herself it wasn't something a "math and science person" could do and more.
Jeanette Ramnarine

“In our 40’s, we begin to realize who we really are and who we are meant to be.”

At 40, Jeanette Ramnarine and her husband were put in a position, after he was laid off, to think about what they were passionate about and how they could work together to support their family. What emerged was a family business that allows them to prioritize what's most important to them and do work that doesn't feel like work.
Samantha Kemp-Jackson

“I believe it’s important for women over 40 to know that it’s possible to shift gears.”

Samantha Kemp-Jackson was 43 and already a mom to two girls over 15 years apart when she had twin boys. Adding the boys to her family meant Samantha had less sleep and more to navigate. It was the perfect time to reassess what was working and what wasn't.
Jessica Lui

“I was given six weeks to live… Five years ago.”

Five years ago, Jessica Lui was given six weeks to live. Even so, she never gave up hope that she would live. Chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant gave her a second chance and now she's 43 and ready to figure out what's next for her.
Portrait of Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma

“What if I just trusted my instincts?”

The shift in Puneeta's thinking took place around the time she turned 40. That’s when she decided, “What if I just trusted my instincts?”. Find out how that shift has led her to a new confidence in both her parenting and career choices.
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