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Kelly Peckham

“I’m getting ready for the next chapter.”

Kelly Peckham is a high-end television director/producer, showrunner, and media consultant in her fifties who has put her value of telling a great story front and centre. She is at the point in her life and career where she's looking at what might be next for her and how she can stay creative, telling amazing stories, and satiating her love of travel for years to come.
Michelle Osbourne

“I just woke up and said, ‘I’m going to be victorious.'”

Michelle Osbourne was 38-39 when her marriage of 12 years ended sending her into a phase of self-discovery and self-exploration. During that time she met her current partner, relocated to be with her, giving up her high powered job and life in Toronto and moving to Quebec City without knowing the language. Michelle's 40s have been about reinvention, authenticity, and new motherhood.
Eleanor Roffman

“I role model authentic and thoughtful deeds and actions.”

Now in her 70s, Eleanor Roffman is an example of someone who lives consciously and has consistently redesigned based on her values. She has planted and continues to plant the seeds for an authentic and meaningful future.
Photograph of Ombretta Debois flying a plane

“At age 58, I made my lifelong dream come true.”

In her mid-forties, she turned her personal and professional lives upside down in search of fulfillment. And, in her fifties, she went after a lifelong dream and achieved it. Read more about Ombretta and be inspired by her words of advice for others interested in redesigning midlife.
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