Traci Macfarlane

“I’ve become more proactive in my life.”

At 43 Traci Macfarlane is stepping into her role as a leader and made some big decisions. She takes care of herself, her clients, and the planet with deliberate care and attention.
Robin Taylor

“Even baby steps are steps forward.”

In her late thirties, Robin Taylor and her husband moved their two kids from their home in Toronto to live in the country. In her mid-forties, she took another leap and did her yoga training. She's now happily living in Caledon, teaching yoga and pursuing her next professional certification.
Annabel Fitzsimmons

“Every action I make today affects how my future plays out…”

Her 40s have brought her some major changes including professional success, personal challenges, and a couple of serious family health scares. Consequently, Annabel Fitzsimmons has redesigned her life both professionally and personally.
Yolanda McAdam

“It took me a really long time to learn to say NO and mean it.”

After a breakdown, in her thirties, that ended up being a breakthrough, Yolanda McAdam slowed down and took stock of what was most important to her. Today she lives in line with her top values and freely exercises her right to use her favourite word...NO!

Why learning to recognize your Inner Critic is so important

Are you being guided by a clear understanding of what you want your life to look like and what matters to you or is your Inner Critic making your decisions? The answer to that question is the key to beginning to make new choices that will help you create a life that serves you.

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