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“If I could, I would dislodge shame from our brains”

Alana Cymerman is a storyteller living in the middle of the generation sandwich. She spent her forties meeting the needs of her family, and as she comes to the end of this decade, she's finding new ways to tell her stories and stay connected to herself and her magic.
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Questions to ask yourself if you feel invisible in midlife

I’ve been wrestling with understanding why some people report feeling invisible in midlife and others seem to feel more visible than ever. It’s been a wrestle because I suspected that tied closely to that feeling of invisibility was a loss of privilege – a privilege that not everyone had in the first place. So while […]
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Annie Gaudreault

“In curiosity there is magic”

Annie went back to school in her 40s to study nutrition. At almost 53 years old she is guiding other midlife women to feel powerful in their bodies. Now she’s dedicated to growing her business, writing a book, and continuously learning.
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