Why I don’t believe in midlife “reinvention”

My mom sometimes reminds me of a story from when I was a late teen/early twenty-something. We were chatting about a kid we both knew, and she innocently said, “it will be interesting to see how she turns out.” In a tone more aggravated than she deserved, I answered, “when will you know that?” My […]

Are you following a pre-paved path or forging a new desire path?

Desire paths are created by people consistently choosing to walk where a pre-paved way doesn’t exist. Isn’t that a delicious name? When we forge a new path instead of following one planned and paved for us, we are creating something new that fits our lives better. We’re demonstrating what we desire for ourselves and that […]

Questions to ask yourself if you feel invisible in midlife

I’ve been wrestling with understanding why some people report feeling invisible in midlife and others seem to feel more visible than ever. It’s been a wrestle because I suspected that tied closely to that feeling of invisibility was a loss of privilege – a privilege that not everyone had in the first place. So while […]

Finding the hidden keys

When I was little, and visiting my grandparents, we would always play, Hide the King’s Key. I’d go into the hallway, and they’d hide a key somewhere in the room while I was gone. When I came back in, I’d start looking and walking towards where I thought it might be. “Warm!” they would say, […]

Midlife’s invitations — are you paying attention?

It’s common to feel stuck in midlife and focus on what’s missing or not working. There is power in reframing that feeling of stuckness. What if you thought of yourself as being in a period of reflection, exploration, and curiosity instead? When my kids were little, they sometimes asked me to print off colouring pages […]

Taming your inner People Pleaser in midlife

Many of my clients tell me they’re people pleasers. I wonder if this is because I spent a lot of my time and energy people-pleasing myself, so I attract clients who have similar experiences? It’s a tendency that I’ve worked hard on recognizing, understanding, and changing so I enjoy helping others do the same. Here’s […]

“Bittersweet” by Susan Cain

Do you love it when you hear, read, or experience something that gives you a new way to see yourself and others? The book Bittersweet by Susan Cain has had such an impact on me. It’s given me new language to understand something fundamental about myself, and it’s reshaping how I see my work and […]

Time to look more closely: Is “good” hijacking your joy?

If you’ve been following my work, you know that I invite my clients to question their long list of “shoulds” and consciously choose who they want to BE in midlife. Underlying our work together is exploring what’s possible when we break out of the conditioning and expectations that consistently show up on our to-do lists […]

An exercise in staying with the mystery

We’re in a situation with this pandemic that is dripping in mystery and we’re all in suspense. What will the world be like on the other side of this? Who will we be? It’s wildly different from anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime because most of the world is in this liminal space at the […]

Are you the main character in your life story?

Imagine watching your life as if it were a movie. Would the audience recognize you as the main character? At some point in midlife, it is common to look up and realize that for years we've been pouring much of our precious time, energy, wisdom, and resources into other people at the expense of our dreams, desires, and needs.

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