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Midlife Review

Midlife is like your closet.

Stuffed with pieces from the past that are taking up space...items that don’t fit, aren’t your style, and making it hard for you to see what you really want to wear.
Some gems in there just aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

This overloaded closet makes it challenging to get dressed in the morning, and you end up feeling exhausted and uninspired.

You keep thinking that you “should just be grateful” for everything you have and find a way to make this mishmashed collection work, but it’s a weight on your shoulders.

Most of us can relate to this metaphor because even the most organized and intentional closets need reviewing, editing, and pruning. 

Life — especially midlife when we’ve had a chance to accumulate so much materially, energetically, habitually, relationally — is like that, too. Now and then, we need to stop and take stock.

The equivalent to...

  • That sweater you never wear — might be a friendship that drains you and takes up time you could be using for something else.
  • The pants that don’t fit anymore — might be your relationship with your work that badly needs some alterations.
  • The suits taking up space — might be everything you do for other people that stop you from hearing what you want and need now.

I want you to feel as light, hopeful, energized, and clear as possible in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

When your life is decluttered,

  1. There’s more time and energy for the things that matter.
  2. You have the space to hear yourself and carve out time for your dreams and desires.
  3. You have more peace, creativity, and curiosity.

That's why I created this four-week workshop.

The Creative Midlife Review:

Keep, Tweak, Let Go

The best way to kick off a fresh start is by creating space to review, reflect, and respond to what's working and what's not. This workshop will give you that carved-out, dedicated time for what might otherwise get kicked down to the bottom of the to-do list.

By the end of the four weeks, you will:

  • Know what you cherish and want to keep investing in.
  • Know what isn’t working and want to let go of.
  • Know exactly what you want to do next and how you want to do it.
Sara Midlife Declutter

Each week, I’ll email you some reflection questions and/or exercises to bring to the weekly Zoom call, and we’ll work through them together, expanding, deepening, and moving forward what you've learned.

Our time together will be a mix of coaching and conversations.


“Decluttering inside and out is so powerful. If you want delicious conversations and questions to lead you to greater clarity about how you want to think about and live your life, then this workshop offers a pathway.”

– Kelly


“I really enjoyed the prompts in the weekly ‘homework’. I ate that up. It structured my usually free-flowing thoughts. It forced me to consider some great questions. I also enjoyed hearing everyone’s experiences too.”

– Jennie

Rosa Monitz Tarle

“Sara listens and connects to the whole of what is being said, opening up a larger framework that shifts viewpoints, bringing clarity to questions and answers you didn’t know you were asking and seeking.”

– Rosa Monitz Tarle

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The cost for the four-week workshop is CA$ 297 (plus applicable tax for Canadians) and is limited to no more than 12 participants.

Experience the power of a group of midlife women dedicated to carving out time for themselves...At last!

You're ready to identify what you want to keep, tweak, or let go.

Workshop Dates

The next workshop takes place in Fall 2024. Please join the waitlist to be notified of when registration opens.

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