February 5, 2023

Navigating Midlife Transitions

Ann Douglas and Sara Smeaton talk about navigating midlife transitions and making sense of the many contradictory emotions of midlife.

“What do you consider to be the power years? I’m 60, almost 61, and have been downsized into “retirement.” I wasn’t ready or done with contributing. Can 60 still be part of the midlife magic? I hope so! I’m trying to view this as a new phase of growth and opportunity for a new path, but it’s finding the path that’s proving to be challenging or, as Ann says…a bit messy.”

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– Ann & Sara

Midlife Mailbag

Ann Douglas and Sara Smeaton discuss topics and questions submitted by midlife women.

Ann Douglas is the author of Navigating the Messy Middle: A Fiercely Honest And Wildly Encouraging Guide For Midlife Women.

Sara Smeaton is a certified professional coach and facilitator who runs group programs, workshops, and delivers one-on-one coaching.

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Sara Smeaton

Sara Smeaton is a certified professional coach and facilitator who helps midlife women follow their dreams after forty. She works privately with clients in Canada, the US and the UK.

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