Power Years™ Resources

Are you curious about how to make midlife your Power Years™?

I’ve created a toolkit to get you started. Below you will find downloadable resources to help inspire, motivate, and get you into action.

Check back often as I will continue to add new downloadables as they become available.

Power Years™ Workbook

Midlife is an opportunity to take stock. Use this workbook to build your unique bridge to what's next.


Midlife Manifesto

The Midlife Manifesto is my stake in the ground for what I believe is true about midlife. If it resonates with you feel free to download, print, post it somewhere to keep you inspired and feeling powerful.


Power Years™ Promise

Change begins with commitment. This Power Years Promise™ will help you remember your vow to yourself and act as a daily reminder to show up powerfully in your life.

The Power Years™ Passport

Power Years™ Passport

This beautifully designed playbook is your passport to your Power Years™. It’s a fun, lighthearted inner journey to help you explore who you want to be in midlife and beyond.


"I Am" card deck

Who do you want to be in midlife? This card deck will help you explore that question and put who you are being  front and centre.

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