Developing self-trust in midlife

“The more uncertain the world is, the more important it is to trust yourself.” – Mercedes Finlay Self-trust is the backbone of the Power Years™. It is what allows you to take risks, and let go of what’s not working anymore. It supports bold choices and quietly creating a truer, more fulfilling life. Self-trust gives you the […]
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Jack Hourigan

“Tess’s birth has shifted the trajectory of my life and career.”

Power Profile with Jack Hourigan: When Jack's baby was born 3 months prematurely her life changed in every way. Find out how she used the rules of improv to navigate those early days in the NICU.
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Yolanda McAdam

“It took me a really long time to learn to say NO and mean it.”

Power Profiles with Yolanda McAdam: After a breakdown, in her thirties, that ended up being a breakthrough, Yolanda slowed down and took stock of what was most important to her. Today she lives in line with her top values and freely exercises her right to use her favourite word...NO!
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