Melanie Gordon

“I’m putting a lot of time and thought into how I am living my life.”

Melanie Gordon was a new mom of a 20-month old when she found a lump in her breast. This forced her from new mom mode into survival mode. Her experience with cancer made what was important to her very clear and she's been spending her time since recovering focused very intentionally on those things.
Lynn Borton

“I want to stay in expansion mode.”

At 53, Lynn Borton had dodged cancer, written the last tuition check, mourned friends gone too soon and decided the universe was trying to tell her something. "Life is short, it seemed to be saying. You’ve put off a lot until later. What if later is now?"
Candy Venning

“We are not built to be solitary creatures.”

Candy Venning is a landscape designer and tireless advocate for preserving nature and wildlife. Five months ago, at 48 years old, she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and this "stumble with cancer" has only improved her outlook on life.
Jessica Lui

“I was given six weeks to live… Five years ago.”

Five years ago, Jessica Lui was given six weeks to live. Even so, she never gave up hope that she would live. Chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant gave her a second chance and now she's 43 and ready to figure out what's next for her.
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