Sara Smeaton with her 93-year-old grandmother, Irene Goldstein.

“I don’t have great genes and I’m not lucky.”

Power Profile with Irene Goldstein: Irene is my 93-year-old grandmother and I think she's pretty amazing. I wanted you to meet her and hear what she has to say about midlife, gratitude, and when she feels most powerful.
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Portrait of Julia Seager-Scott, a client of Sara Smeaton.

“I feel I have fully entered into my own skin.”

Power Profile with Julia Seager-Scott: Julia is a professional harpist and mom of two who is feeling more confident as a musician, parent, and just more comfortable in her own skin in midlife.
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Denise Boomkens

“I’m fuelled by a drive to change the current view of society on aging.”

Power Profile with Denise Boomkens: After spending her younger years traveling through Europe, modeling and photographing, Denise had her first and only baby at 40 years old. She also started her photography project that is aimed at changing the way society views aging.
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Kathy Cano-Murillo

“The biggest shift has been my kids being old enough to move out of the house.”

Power Profile with Kathy Cano-Murillo: When Kathy's kids moved out of the house she and her husband were inspired to use the extra space in their lives positively. She's made a career and business out of her creativity and has great tips for anyone who is looking to achieve their goals.
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Paula Coop McCrory

“Leaving the city was the best decision.”

Power Profile with Paula Coop McCrory: Paula is a visual artist who, with her husband and 3 children, pre-empted her long term plans to leave the city in 15 years. Fast forwarding on that decision has opened up space for her to create and be most true to herself.
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Jessica Lui

“I was given 6 weeks to live … 5 years ago.”

Power Profile with Jessica Lui: 5 years ago, Jessica was given 6 weeks to live. Even so, she never gave up hope that she would live. Chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant gave her a second chance and now she's 43 and ready to figure out what's next for her.
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Carol Sloan

“I had been using the wrong barometer for success all along.”

Power Profile with Carol Sloan: Carol's transformation from teacher to freelance writer has reinflated her "once sad balloon". This new chapter of focusing on her dreams and stopping old habits of people-pleasing makes her feel like herself again.
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Photograph of Ombretta Debois flying a plane

“At age 58, I made my lifelong dream come true.”

Power Profile with Ombretta Debois: In her mid-forties, she turned her personal and professional lives upside down in search of fulfillment. And, in her fifties, she went after a lifelong dream and achieved it. Read more about Ombretta and be inspired by her words of advice for others interested in redesigning midlife.
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20 Quotes for people who are transforming their lives

After learning how to make a "Book of Hours" in Rozanne Lopez's workshop last December, I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes and wisdom from my very own Book of Hours journal. They continue to inspire me and keep me focused. I hope they will be valuable to you as well.
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