January 13, 2020

“The biggest shift after turning 40 was coming into self-love and acceptance.”

Natalyn Bradshaw
Natalyn Bradshaw

Meet Natalyn

I’m Natalyn Bradshaw, a multi-disciplinary artist. I spent my twenties working as an opera singer, and I spent two decades teaching music and voice, among other things. I’ve transitioned into art/writing during the last five years. I’m turning 46 on December, 1st. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and currently live in Southwest Virginia.

What would you say has been the biggest shift in your life since turning 40?

The biggest shift after turning 40 was coming into self-love and acceptance, and realizing that I needed it.

When do you feel you are most powerful?

I feel most powerful when I am creating, getting lost in ideas, whether I’m alone or with others. Feeling my way through possibilities. Writing or taking pictures, or pushing paint around.

What are the top three most important things to you right now?

Taking care of my health (physical, mental, emotional), relating to my husband and children well, giving myself time and space to create.

How do you make sure your actions are aligned with what’s most important to you?

I check in with myself often, pay attention to what I’m feeling, rest more often (and no feeling guilty about it) and communicate more/hold stuff in less.

What seeds are you planting today for the future?

I’m planting seeds of honesty, healing, and nurturing. Making honest work, nurturing my relationships, and nurturing myself so that I can continue to heal and make more honest work.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in redesigning midlife?

Give yourself permission to do whatever you want with your life. Don’t wait for permission or validation from someone else. You can validate yourself. You are worthy of that.

How can people connect with you and your work?

My website: natalynbradshawcreativestudio.com; and I am very active on Instagram.

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