A photograph of a white female Renaissance statue against a stark blue sky.

Midlife is a disrupter

Midlife will disrupt the status quo. It’s like when a new person joins an organization and starts questioning things that have been that way for a long time. Stuff that has been accepted and that may have gone unnoticed or tolerated. And that’s why it can feel like a crisis because things seemed to have…

Finding the hidden keys

When I was little, and visiting my grandparents, we would always play, Hide the King’s Key. I’d go into the hallway, and they’d hide a key somewhere in the room while I was gone. When I came back in, I’d start looking and walking towards where I thought it might be. “Warm!” they would say,…

Midlife’s invitations — are you paying attention?

It’s common to feel stuck in midlife and focus on what’s missing or not working. There is power in reframing that feeling of stuckness. What if you thought of yourself as being in a period of reflection, exploration, and curiosity instead? When my kids were little, they sometimes asked me to print off colouring pages…
Lynn Borton

“I want to stay in expansion mode.”

At 53, Lynn Borton had dodged cancer, written the last tuition check, mourned friends gone too soon and decided the universe was trying to tell her something. "Life is short, it seemed to be saying. You’ve put off a lot until later. What if later is now?"
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