Embracing change

A photograph of balloon numbers against a sunlit sky. The numbers are 5- and 0- and are used to commemorate a fiftieth birthday.

Turning 40 or 50 and want to know what’s next? Ask yourself these questions.

A milestone birthday has a way of kicking up a LOT of questions. And turning 50 really gets those “Now what?” and “What’s next?” questions popping up like a game of whack-a-mole. You might try to knock them back in because they can feel scary and heavy, but they don’t need to. Take these companion…
A photograph of a white female Renaissance statue against a stark blue sky.

Midlife is a disrupter

Midlife will disrupt the status quo. It’s like when a new person joins an organization and starts questioning things that have been that way for a long time. Stuff that has been accepted and that may have gone unnoticed or tolerated. And that’s why it can feel like a crisis because things seemed to have…

Let Go of ‘I-Should-Have-It-Figured-Out-itis’ in Midlife

To everyone who beats themselves up for not having “it all figured out” in midlife, here are five things I invite you to consider. 1. You have already figured out more than you could ever contain, carry, or categorize. Instead of beating yourself up for what you still don’t know or what still feels hard…
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