9 habits to take you from midlife muck to your Power Years

It's not uncommon to suddenly feel like you're stuck in the muck in midlife. Make these your Power Years by embracing these 9 powerful habits.
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Photography of Yvonne Heath giving a presentation.

“I realized I am capable of so much more than I ever dreamed of.”

Power Profile with Yvonne Heath: Yvonne had been working as a nurse since 1988 when at 50 years old, she was called to try to solve our society's problem with grief. Her message to talk about prepare for and be with people in grief is one she is spreading through her book, talks, online course and more.
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Melinda Thomas

“The biggest shift for me, after 40, was my power to create the life I want to live.”

Power Profile with Melinda Thomas: Melinda is a former actor in her 50s who left New York after 20 years and followed her heart to Birmingham, Alabama where her boyfriend lives. She also followed her heart away from corporate America to to entrepreneurship. The power to create the life she wants has been one of the biggest shifts she's experienced in midlife.
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Lynn Borton

“I want to stay in expansion mode.”

Power Profile with Lynn Borton: At 53, Lynn had dodged cancer, written the last tuition check, mourned friends gone too soon and decided the universe was trying to tell her something. "Life is short, it seemed to be saying. You’ve put off a lot until later. What if later is now?"
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Amy Giddon

“I wanted my work to align with the things I care about in the world.”

Power Profile with Amy Giddon: When Amy was in her early-50s she took a huge leap to become an entrepreneur. Moved by her deep concerns about the tribalism and us versus them-ism and othering that's going on in the world today, Amy created an app that fosters empathy and connection. It was an unexpected shift but one that was made possible because of the life stage in which she found herself in her early 50s.
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Vicky Sanderson

“Life after 40 is magnificent.”

Power Profile with Vicky Sanderson: Vicki is a journalist, wife, and mom of 4, who is turning 60. She's seen big shifts both professionally and personally and she's speaking her truth, supporting the causes she believes in and unapologetically being herself.
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Jill Mayer

“I think many of us are following a map that is outdated.”

Power Profile with Jill Mayer: Jill realized that even though she had everything she had ever wanted, something was missing in her life. Now 50, she has made a significant career change and recognizes how it important it is to her happiness to be with people and be in places that make her feel most alive.
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Jill Grindle

“I try to do the right things for my aging parents.”

Power Profile with Jill Grindle: Jill is a 56-year-old living in Massachusetts balancing life as an entrepreneur with taking care of her aging parents, and with her goal of lifelong professional and personal growth.
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Kelly Peckham

“I’m getting ready for the next chapter.”

Power Profile with Kelly Peckham: Kelly is a high-end television director/producer, showrunner, and media consultant in her fifties who has put her value of telling a great story front and centre. She is at the point in her life and career where she's looking at what might be next for her and how she can stay creative, telling amazing stories, and satiating her love of travel for years to come.
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Samantha Kemp-Jackson

“I believe it’s important for women over 40 to know that it’s possible to shift gears.”

Power Profile with Samantha Kemp-Jackson: Samantha was 43 and already a mom to two girls over 15 years apart when she had twin boys. Adding the boys to her family meant Samantha had less sleep and more to navigate. It was the perfect time to reassess what was working and what wasn't.
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