Deb Knobelman

“I’m planting the seeds for what I want my life to look like after the age of 46.”

Power Profile with Deb Knobelman, a 46 year old who finds herself in the midst of her biggest career shift yet - one that required a big mindset reset for her to pursue - and in a place where her kids are requiring slightly less of her focused energy and attention. She talks about what it took to follow her love of writing even when she told herself it wasn't something a "math and science person" could do and more.
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Margaret So

“I’ve started to question what I fill my life with.”

Power Profile with Margaret So: Satisfied with where her career is, in her 40s, Margaret has begun to question how she fills her time and focus more on taking care of herself. She talks about working to destigmatize mental health and medical marijuana and why that is so important to her.
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Shari Walczak

“Imposter syndrome doesn’t really hold me back anymore.”

Power Profile with Shari Walczak: Shari veteran of the advertising industry, entrepreneur, and mom of two boys. In this profile, she shares her thoughts about aging in an industry that puts youth on a pedestal, imposter syndrome, and the framework she uses to make big decisions in her life.
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Robin Whalen

“I decided years ago to just be myself.”

Power Profile with Robin Whalen: Robin talks about what's it's like to be a woman and over 40 in advertising, the defining experience of losing her first husband to Leukemia when their kids were small, and the positive impact aging has had on her confidence.
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Lori Niles-Hofmann

“After we realized we weren’t having kids I changed my life.”

Power Profile with Lori Niles-Hofmann: Lori spent her early forties trying to adopt a child with her husband. As she ran into issues with the system and process she began advocating for change. Unfortunately, Lori and her husband weren't able to adopt and she finally had to release her hopes and dreams of having children. Now in her mid-forties, she realized that the end of one chapter was the beginning of another she could consciously create.
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Traci Macfarlane

“I’ve become more proactive in my life.”

Power Profile with Traci Macfarlane: At 43 Traci is stepping into her role as a leader and made some big decisions. She takes care of herself, her clients, and the planet with deliberate care and attention.
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Jennifer Ziliotto Durand

“It’s been a real time of growth.”

Power Profile with Jennifer Ziliotto Durand: In her late forties, Jennifer has experienced many shifts in the last few years from moving her family from Toronto to Montreal to closing the doors of her business and opening up an online retail experience, to becoming a mom of teens and losing her own mother.
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Portrait of Julia Seager-Scott, a client of Sara Smeaton.

“I feel I have fully entered into my own skin.”

Power Profile with Julia Seager-Scott: Julia is a professional harpist and mom of two who is feeling more confident as a musician, parent, and just more comfortable in her own skin in midlife.
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Candy Venning

“We are not built to be solitary creatures.”

Power Profile with Candy Venning. Candy is a landscape designer and tireless advocate for preserving nature and wildlife. Five months ago, at 48 years old, she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and this "stumble with cancer" has only improved her outlook on life.
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Jeanette Ramnarine

“In our 40’s, we begin to realize who we really are and who we are meant to be.”

Power Profile with Jeanette Ramnarine: At 40, Jeanette and her husband were put in a position, after he was laid off, to think about what they were passionate about and how they could work together to support their family. What emerged was a family business that allows them to prioritize what's most important to them and do work that doesn't feel like work.
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