Michelle Osbourne

“I just woke up and said, ‘I’m going to be victorious.'”

Power Profile with Michelle Osbourne: Michelle was 38-39 when her marriage of 12 years ended sending her into a phase of self-discovery and self-exploration. During that time she met her current partner, relocated to be with her, giving up her high powered job and life in Toronto and moving to Quebec City without knowing the language. Michelle's 40s have been about reinvention, authenticity, and new motherhood.
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Danielle Fried

“I feel like I am really at a crossroads.”

Power Profile with Danielle Fried: Danielle is a 45-year-old photographer who recently ended a 17-year marriage. She talks about what has gotten her through this time which she calls terrifying, cool, and the most interesting time in her life.
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Nadia Lassman

“Fake it till you make it, because at some point, you will make it.”

Power Profile with Nadia Lassman: From practicing law to impressionist painter, Nadia talks about doing what she loves, being mindful of giving time to what's most important, and her advice for people who also want to make a career shift after 40.
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Samantha Kemp-Jackson

“I believe it’s important for women over 40 to know that it’s possible to shift gears.”

Power Profile with Samantha Kemp-Jackson: Samantha was 43 and already a mom to two girls over 15 years apart when she had twin boys. Adding the boys to her family meant Samantha had less sleep and more to navigate. It was the perfect time to reassess what was working and what wasn't.
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Jack Hourigan

“Tess’s birth has shifted the trajectory of my life and career.”

Power Profile with Jack Hourigan: When Jack's baby was born 3 months prematurely her life changed in every way. Find out how she used the rules of improv to navigate those early days in the NICU.
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Carl Honoré

“I’m taking on the cult of youth.”

Power Profile with Carl Honoré: Carl woke up to his own ageism at 48 when he realized he was the oldest player at a hockey tournament. That led him to investigate his feelings about aging and write his new book, BOLDER, which explores the many positive aspects of aging.
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Paula Coop McCrory

“Leaving the city was the best decision.”

Power Profile with Paula Coop McCrory: Paula is a visual artist who, with her husband and 3 children, pre-empted her long term plans to leave the city in 15 years. Fast forwarding on that decision has opened up space for her to create and be most true to herself.
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Jessica Lui

“I was given 6 weeks to live … 5 years ago.”

Power Profile with Jessica Lui: 5 years ago, Jessica was given 6 weeks to live. Even so, she never gave up hope that she would live. Chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant gave her a second chance and now she's 43 and ready to figure out what's next for her.
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Robin Taylor

“Even baby steps are steps forward.”

Power Profile with Robin Taylor: In her late thirties, Robin and her husband moved their two kids from their home in Toronto to live in the country. In her mid-forties, she took another leap and did her yoga training. She's now happily living in Caledon, teaching yoga and pursuing her next professional certification.
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Nancy Zimmerman

“I’m so much more at ease with myself”

Power Profile with Nancy Zimmerman: Nancy's passion is helping people reach their financial goals but she gave up pursuing it when she left Vancouver 10 years ago. Now financially healthy herself she's got wisdom to share and is following her calling.
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