Portrait of Monique Kavelaars, client of Sara Smeaton Coaching

“Ten years from now, what will you have wished you’d done?”

Monique Kavelaars is a former Olympic athlete, wife, mom, and entrepreneur who became pregnant with her first child at 39 years old and is now helping teams and groups of people work better together.

What’s your version of the passenger seat?

When we hit midlife we can sometimes feel that time is not on our side and that if we haven't done that thing we secretly have always wanted to do by now it's too late. What's your version of this story? In this article, I share mine.
Kathy Cano-Murillo

“The biggest shift has been my kids being old enough to move out of the house.”

When her kids moved out of the house she and her husband were inspired to use the extra space in their lives positively. Kathy Cano-Murillo made a career and business out of her creativity and has great tips for anyone who is looking to achieve their goals.
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