Nadia Lassman

“Fake it till you make it, because at some point, you will make it.”

Power Profile with Nadia Lassman: From practicing law to impressionist painter, Nadia talks about doing what she loves, being mindful of giving time to what's most important, and her advice for people who also want to make a career shift after 40.
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Robin Taylor

“Even baby steps are steps forward.”

Power Profile with Robin Taylor: In her late thirties, Robin and her husband moved their two kids from their home in Toronto to live in the country. In her mid-forties, she took another leap and did her yoga training. She's now happily living in Caledon, teaching yoga and pursuing her next professional certification.
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Annabel Fitzsimmons

“Every action I make today affects how my future plays out…”

Power Profile with Annabel Fitzsimmons: Annabel's 40s have brought her some major changes including professional success, personal challenges, and a couple of serious family health scares. Consequently, she has redesigned her life both professionally and personally.
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Margaret Jamieson

“I have two words that I focus on: strong and resilient.”

Power Profile with Margaret Jamieson: Margaret's story is about overcoming multiple obstacles, injuries, and depression and emerging on the other side to help other women in midlife dealing with similar issues.
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Susan Feldman aka Tax Ma’am

“I met my wife and my life exploded with joy and success.”

Power Profile with Susan Feldman: At 59, Susan feels her life is at the peak both career-wise and personally. She is happier than she has ever been in her life. A busy entrepreneur who has built a business on word of mouth, she has worked out a work-life balance that fulfills her and created the space and time to enjoy her life while growing her business.
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Lorraine C. Ladish

“If not now, when?”

Power Profile with Lorraine C. Laddish: At 45 Lorraine lost everything and ended up a single mom on welfare with two young daughters. She reinvented herself to become a successful influencer and today is happy with her work, family, the love of her life, and health.
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Photograph of Ombretta Debois flying a plane

“At age 58, I made my lifelong dream come true.”

Power Profile with Ombretta Debois: In her mid-forties, she turned her personal and professional lives upside down in search of fulfillment. And, in her fifties, she went after a lifelong dream and achieved it. Read more about Ombretta and be inspired by her words of advice for others interested in redesigning midlife.
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Why learning to recognize your Inner Critic is so important

Are you being guided by a clear understanding of what you want your life to look like and what matters to you or is your Inner Critic making your decisions? The answer to that question is the key to beginning to make new choices that will help you create a life that serves you.
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