Personal growth

Adding “life layers” in midlife

One summer, I was sitting alone on the dock at a cottage and looking around at the lake, the beach, and the landscaping on the property thinking about what made it so pleasing to my eyes. A single word popped into my head: layers. Layers add complexity, variety, depth, and interest. It’s how we express…
A photograph of a white female Renaissance statue against a stark blue sky.

Midlife is a disrupter

Midlife will disrupt the status quo. It’s like when a new person joins an organization and starts questioning things that have been that way for a long time. Stuff that has been accepted and that may have gone unnoticed or tolerated. And that’s why it can feel like a crisis because things seemed to have…

Ditch the to-do list and make a “to-be” list

This simple tool will help you focus on who you want to become as opposed to everything you have to get done and checked off a list. Try it for a week to see what it opens up for you.

20 Quotes for people who are transforming their lives

After learning how to make a "Book of Hours" in Rozanne Lopez's workshop last December, I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes and wisdom from my very own Book of Hours journal. They continue to inspire me and keep me focused. I hope they will be valuable to you as well.
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