Are you following a pre-paved path or forging a new desire path?


Desire paths are created by people consistently choosing to walk where a pre-paved way doesn’t exist. Isn’t that a delicious name?

When we forge a new path instead of following one planned and paved for us, we are creating something new that fits our lives better. We’re demonstrating what we desire for ourselves and that we know that better than someone who, with the best of intentions, is saying, “go this way.”

For so long, there has been one paved path for aging

For so long, there has been one paved path for aging. Now desire paths are springing up all over the place, going in different directions. There is something wild and intuitive happening that bucks up against the way it “should” be, and it makes me so excited to be part of that.

If we haven’t already, midlife is a time to ask yourself, what path am I on? One paved for me? One that others who are just a little ahead of me are newly forging? Or do I need to create a brand new path because what I desire doesn’t exist yet?

Today, spend some time thinking about what would change if you let desire lead you.

Listen to my guest interview on The Midlife Feast. Dr. Jenn Salib Huber. We talk about finding what feeds you in midlife, and touch on the topic of desire paths.


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