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Reimagining What’s Next for Yourself

Ann Douglas and Sara Smeaton talk about midlife as an opportunity to reimagine what’s next for yourself.
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Are you following a pre-paved path or forging a new desire path?

Desire paths are created by people consistently choosing to walk where a pre-paved way doesn’t exist. Isn’t that a delicious name? When we forge a new path instead of following one planned and paved for us, we are creating something new that fits our lives better. We’re demonstrating what we desire for ourselves and that […]
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“If I could, I would dislodge shame from our brains”

Alana Cymerman is a storyteller living in the middle of the generation sandwich. She spent her forties meeting the needs of her family, and as she comes to the end of this decade, she's finding new ways to tell her stories and stay connected to herself and her magic.
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