Jill Grindle

“I try to do the right things for my aging parents.”

Power Profile with Jill Grindle: Jill is a 56-year-old living in Massachusetts balancing life as an entrepreneur with taking care of her aging parents, and with her goal of lifelong professional and personal growth.
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Jennifer Ziliotto Durand

“It’s been a real time of growth.”

Power Profile with Jennifer Ziliotto Durand: In her late forties, Jennifer has experienced many shifts in the last few years from moving her family from Toronto to Montreal to closing the doors of her business and opening up an online retail experience, to becoming a mom of teens and losing her own mother.
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Sara Smeaton with her 93-year-old grandmother, Irene Goldstein.

“I don’t have great genes and I’m not lucky.”

Power Profile with Irene Goldstein: Irene is my 93-year-old grandmother and I think she's pretty amazing. I wanted you to meet her and hear what she has to say about midlife, gratitude, and when she feels most powerful.
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Meri Frischman

“My goal is to inspire women to age with positivity.”

Power Profile with Meri Frischman: When Meri was in her 60s a health issue had her change tracks and begin an Instagram community that inspires women through fashion and lifestyle.
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Portrait of Julia Seager-Scott, a client of Sara Smeaton.

“I feel I have fully entered into my own skin.”

Power Profile with Julia Seager-Scott: Julia is a professional harpist and mom of two who is feeling more confident as a musician, parent, and just more comfortable in her own skin in midlife.
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Candy Venning

“We are not built to be solitary creatures.”

Power Profile with Candy Venning. Candy is a landscape designer and tireless advocate for preserving nature and wildlife. Five months ago, at 48 years old, she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and this "stumble with cancer" has only improved her outlook on life.
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Kelly Peckham

“I’m getting ready for the next chapter.”

Power Profile with Kelly Peckham: Kelly is a high-end television director/producer, showrunner, and media consultant in her fifties who has put her value of telling a great story front and centre. She is at the point in her life and career where she's looking at what might be next for her and how she can stay creative, telling amazing stories, and satiating her love of travel for years to come.
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Jeanette Ramnarine

“In our 40’s, we begin to realize who we really are and who we are meant to be.”

Power Profile with Jeanette Ramnarine: At 40, Jeanette and her husband were put in a position, after he was laid off, to think about what they were passionate about and how they could work together to support their family. What emerged was a family business that allows them to prioritize what's most important to them and do work that doesn't feel like work.
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Denise Boomkens

“I’m fuelled by a drive to change the current view of society on aging.”

Power Profile with Denise Boomkens: After spending her younger years traveling through Europe, modeling and photographing, Denise had her first and only baby at 40 years old. She also started her photography project that is aimed at changing the way society views aging.
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Michelle Osbourne

“I just woke up and said, ‘I’m going to be victorious.'”

Power Profile with Michelle Osbourne: Michelle was 38-39 when her marriage of 12 years ended sending her into a phase of self-discovery and self-exploration. During that time she met her current partner, relocated to be with her, giving up her high powered job and life in Toronto and moving to Quebec City without knowing the language. Michelle's 40s have been about reinvention, authenticity, and new motherhood.
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