Mercedes Findlay

“There is a sublime comfort that comes with 40.”

Power Profile with Mercedes Findlay: When Mercedes was laid off from her television job in her late thirties, it was the catalyst for a major midlife shift that helped her find unknown depths of strength, skills, support, and maybe most importantly, her voice.
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Amy Giddon

“I wanted my work to align with the things I care about in the world.”

Power Profile with Amy Giddon: When Amy was in her early-50s she took a huge leap to become an entrepreneur. Moved by her deep concerns about the tribalism and us versus them-ism and othering that's going on in the world today, Amy created an app that fosters empathy and connection. It was an unexpected shift but one that was made possible because of the life stage in which she found herself in her early 50s.
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Margaret So

“I’ve started to question what I fill my life with.”

Power Profile with Margaret So: Satisfied with where her career is, in her 40s, Margaret has begun to question how she fills her time and focus more on taking care of herself. She talks about working to destigmatize mental health and medical marijuana and why that is so important to her.
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Debra Christmas

“I’m a happy woman and that is a choice every single day.”

Power Profile with Debra Christmas: Debra is a ball of energy in her early 60s who is determined to live another 40 years. She talks about what it was like 20 years ago juggling the end of her marriage, and taking care of her kids with her demanding career and travel schedule. Debra also shares what growing up in a Montreal's black community taught her about the importance of contribution.
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Robin Whalen

“I decided years ago to just be myself.”

Power Profile with Robin Whalen: Robin talks about what's it's like to be a woman and over 40 in advertising, the defining experience of losing her first husband to Leukemia when their kids were small, and the positive impact aging has had on her confidence.
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Cheryl Himburg

“There will never be a perfect time.”

Power Profile with Cheryl Himburg: Cheryl's 20s and 30s brought her more change and challenge than most of us will face in a lifetime. In wasn't until after she turned 40 that she realized that she could design a life she loves.
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Lori Niles-Hofmann

“After we realized we weren’t having kids I changed my life.”

Power Profile with Lori Niles-Hofmann: Lori spent her early forties trying to adopt a child with her husband. As she ran into issues with the system and process she began advocating for change. Unfortunately, Lori and her husband weren't able to adopt and she finally had to release her hopes and dreams of having children. Now in her mid-forties, she realized that the end of one chapter was the beginning of another she could consciously create.
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Bayla Goldstein with Sara Smeaton

“The more fully present I am the more powerful I feel.”

Power Profile with Bayla Goldstein: Bayla is my 74-year-old mother. She is a constant inspiration, friend, and source of unconditional love to me. I couldn't be prouder to share her story with her you.
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Vicky Sanderson

“Life after 40 is magnificent.”

Power Profile with Vicky Sanderson: Vicki is a journalist, wife, and mom of 4, who is turning 60. She's seen big shifts both professionally and personally and she's speaking her truth, supporting the causes she believes in and unapologetically being herself.
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Jill Mayer

“I think many of us are following a map that is outdated.”

Power Profile with Jill Mayer: Jill realized that even though she had everything she had ever wanted, something was missing in her life. Now 50, she has made a significant career change and recognizes how it important it is to her happiness to be with people and be in places that make her feel most alive.
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