Developing self-trust in midlife

“The more uncertain the world is, the more important it is to trust yourself.” – Mercedes Finlay Self-trust is the backbone of the Power Years™. It is what allows you to take risks, and let go of what’s not working anymore. It supports bold choices and quietly creating a truer, more fulfilling life. Self-trust gives you the courage […]
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Natalyn Bradshaw

“The biggest shift after turning 40 was coming into self-love and acceptance.”

Power Profile with Natalyn Bradshaw: Natalyn is a multi-disciplinary artist who wants others in midlife to give themselves permission to do what they want with their lives. Her life and work is an example of choosing to live a creative life with self-awareness and self-care.
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Portrait of Monique Kavelaars, client of Sara Smeaton Coaching

“10 years from now, what will you have wished you’d done?”

Power Profile with Monique Kavelaars: Monique is a former Olympic athlete, wife, mom, and entrepreneur who became pregnant with her first child at 39 years old and is now helping teams and groups of people work better together.
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Portrait of Sara Smeaton in her garden, photographed by Amber Ellis

“I started to hear a little voice inside me asking ‘what else?’.”

Power Profile with Sara Smeaton: I finally turned the tables on myself and answered my own questions about midlife and my story. I talk about my challenges with a very rare congenital issue that cost me my first pregnancy, our early challenges with our daughter's health, and the shifts that propelled me into my midlife transformation.
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Margaret So

“I’ve started to question what I fill my life with.”

Power Profile with Margaret So: Satisfied with where her career is, in her 40s, Margaret has begun to question how she fills her time and focus more on taking care of herself. She talks about working to destigmatize mental health and medical marijuana and why that is so important to her.
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Debra Christmas

“I’m a happy woman and that is a choice every single day.”

Power Profile with Debra Christmas: Debra is a ball of energy in her early 60s who is determined to live another 40 years. She talks about what it was like 20 years ago juggling the end of her marriage, and taking care of her kids with her demanding career and travel schedule. Debra also shares what growing up in a Montreal's black community taught her about the importance of contribution.
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Bayla Goldstein with Sara Smeaton

“The more fully present I am the more powerful I feel.”

Power Profile with Bayla Goldstein: Bayla is my 74-year-old mother. She is a constant inspiration, friend, and source of unconditional love to me. I couldn't be prouder to share her story with her you.
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How my body taught me to stop “should-ing” myself

My mother, the sage, said, “look how the word shoulder is spelled,” and waited (a while) for me to see what she was saying: SHOULD-er. Then she asked me, “are you “should-ing” yourself right now?”.
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Portrait of Julia Seager-Scott, a client of Sara Smeaton.

“I feel I have fully entered into my own skin.”

Power Profile with Julia Seager-Scott: Julia is a professional harpist and mom of two who is feeling more confident as a musician, parent, and just more comfortable in her own skin in midlife.
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Jack Hourigan

“Tess’s birth has shifted the trajectory of my life and career.”

Power Profile with Jack Hourigan: When Jack's baby was born 3 months prematurely her life changed in every way. Find out how she used the rules of improv to navigate those early days in the NICU.
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